What Makes Secure Shield the Best Security Guard Company?

December /17 2020

What Makes Secure Shield the Best Security Guard Company?

To begin with, it is important to understand the significance of security in the first place.

Why Is Security Important?

Security is one of the needs that a human being requires. Besides, valuable possessions and commodities also call for safety. Be it an office, a housing society, warehouses, or any event: security is a necessity for residential and commercial purposes. Negligence of security can risk the lives or priced possessions. The need for security is always there. And as we talk about southern California, it is one of the major economies of the United States. Considering the wealth and the progression the security is the absolute need for the state. And who serves well for security purposes? The security guards. Although security guards from renowned security companies are always a plus point.

You might be spoilt for choice, but choosing the right security guard company is a serious job and should be chosen wisely. Secure shield, a private security company specializes in a specific field, ensures the safety of its clients and takes it as their number one priority. The secure shield is one of the leading names in security and protection services in southern California. And it came as no surprise since the core aim of the business is to offer bespoke security services as per the client’s requirements. The secure shield validates the professionalism of its security guards.

The secure shield provides its security services to southern California clients: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Kern Country, and Ventura.

With the extensive range of security services for the customers, what makes Secure Shield the number one Southern California security guard company?

We Have the Experienced and Highly Trained Guards

The secure shield has a team of competent and capable security guards. They are professional and best at what they do. Finding the security guard might be easy, but finding one that has the experience of handling the job is the real deal. What helps us stand out from the competitors is the edge given to us by a highly capable and trained team of security guards.

What Are The Qualities of a Good Security Guard?

1. Alertness

The main and foremost quality of a professional security guard is the awareness of surroundings and its happenings. Security jobs can be monotonous and might become uninterested, making the guards losing their focus. Only a good security guard will ensure that they are focused and not distracted by anything at all times during the job. Alertness is also required to suspect any suspiciousness, or else it might cause any damage if not handled in real-time.

2. Honesty and Value

What makes a person a good security guard is sincerity. This job requires honesty. Just because the guard has access to valuable possessions in a case like guarding the museum commodities or like of logistics and cargo doesn’t allow them to intrude or steal those things.

3. Communication Skills

The right communication is the most important skill. Security guards often work in teams, and communication is an integral part of making sure that the entire team is on the same page. Similarly, guards have to deal with the general public most of the time; convincing them at times becomes really hard; hence, communication skills become convenient.

4. Preparedness

The security guards should be ready at all times to face any worst scenario. The unexpected situations do not come with an alarm. Hence, the guards should be prepared with the right equipment and the attire to able to handle any scene.

5. Fitness and Strength

Physical fitness allows the guard to be more flexible while performing the activities. Hence, this should not be ignored.

All these qualities might be hard to find, but not when you are hiring the security guard services from a secure shield. The employees at the secure shield are professional and trained to tackle any and every situation they encounter. They are the right choice to hire as they provide first-class services. Secure shield analyzed the growing security needs but also felt the gap from the supplier’s side of not being efficient enough to cater to those services. Hence, high attention was given to the staff, aka security guards.

Security Services for Every Need

The security guard jobs range from armed to unarmed services. The secure shield has employees for every of its client needs. Security guards at events or parking lots are often unarmed because their sole purpose is to guide the general public, patrolling the buildings, and keeping a check on suspicious disturbances and irregular activities. Whereas the armed guards play a major role, they are well-equipped and know how to handle them.

The Secure Shield Provides The Following Security Services:

  1. Office and corporate buildings
  2. Apartments and gated communities
  3. Shopping centers and malls
  4. Hospitals
  5. Parking areas
  6. Warehouses
  7. Government facilities
  8. Cargo and logistics
  9. Resorts and clubs

The secure shield tries to cater to every type of security needs. Also, they provide safety services to events and are on time every time. The patrol officers reach on time. Furthermore, a secure shield provides 24/7 services that mean the time is no issue. Secure shield guards are available any time on the clock catering to your safety needs as per requirements.

Certified Guards

All the employees at secure shields are certified, which means they hold the specific qualification to fit the job well. The certifications allow them to have the right knowledge regarding the security job they are performing. Security guards who don’t have the right qualification fail to provide the right quality services since they lack the basic knowledge.

Licensed and Insured

The secure shield is fully licensed, which means that the security guard they are sending your way falls under the requirements of the country and the state. It is the private company’s responsibility to ensure that they are licensed and true to their clients. Still, customers should also do their homework before hiring any security service from a private security company. Secure shield strictly follows the laws and makes sure whatever they do is legal.

Flexible Services

A secure shield allows the flexibility of security services. They provide one-time to on-going contract services that benefit the customers. Events that happen once in a while won’t go for a contract that lasts long; meanwhile, businesses and shopping malls require the presence of a security guard at all times. Secure shield services are personalized so that its customers can have a stress-free yet safe time.

What Are Security Guards Permitted to Do?

Just because you are hiring a service of security guard doesn’t mean they can go beyond what they do. Security guards are often mistaken for police officers and are expected to have the same level of authority, which is untrue.

Secure shield ensures that the clearly specifies the thin line of what their employees can and cannot do, keeping in mind their job.

What Can A Security Guard Do?
  1. They protect premises
  2. The protect the on-site people
  3. The prevent haphazardness
  4. Can use reasonable force
  5. Prevent any criminal or theft activity

Although the security guards can arrest those suspected, they are not supposed to use unreasonable force. The lives of everyone should be the number one priority of the security guards.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring the Service of the Secure Shield?

  1. We ensure the safety of residential and commercial places.
  2. The qualification and training of the security guards is a secure shield’s responsibility.
  3. With us you can enjoy stress-free surroundings and tranquil events.
  4. 24/7 customer services.
  5. We have personalized customer services.
  6. Efficient handling of security.
  7. Maintained order.

Our Hiring Process

The hiring of security guards at a secure shield is very feasible. The company can be contacted via call or through email, or you can pay a visit to the office as well. All you need to inform is when, where, and how many guards you require. Leave the rest to the secure shield to ensure you have a smooth and safe experience with them. All the contact details are easily available on the secure shield website.

Bottom line

A secure shield is considered one of the best security guard companies in southern California for a reason. We at secure shield prioritize our client’s safety and security as number one and hence bear no compromise over it. Security has become been and always be the top basic need and we at secure shield ensure that with the aid of our highly trained and executive experts, our aim of providing safety and security is achieved. Lastly, what makes secure shield your ultimate choice for security services is its stability in the market. It’s been in the market for a long and intends to stay like that with the aid of quality services.

Are you looking for armed or unarmed patrol officers for the next event, or your office, or residential places? Find no more. The secure shield is at your service.